Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Provincial Emergency Operations Centre


Staffed at all times, the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (PEOC) constantly monitors evolving situations inside and outside of Ontario. This ensures key decision makers and provincial resources are able to respond to evolving situations as quickly as possible. The key function of the PEOC is to coordinate Ontario Government response to major emergencies. This includes providing municipalities and First Nations with a single point of contact for provincial assistance in times of crisis.

Emergency Management Ontario and the PEOC are directly supported by provincial ministries who are each assigned the responsibility of developing an emergency management program for specific hazards. For example, the Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for floods and wildfire response, while the Ministry of the Environment is responsible for emergencies related to water quality. During an emergency, the PEOC ensures that the response to any event is coordinated in support of the lead ministry.

During large-scale emergencies, the Premier and Cabinet may declare a provincial emergency and make special emergency orders to protect public safety.

If the province requires specialized or large-scale assistance from the federal government, it will be requested through the PEOC.