Phase 2, Documentation: Player Handbook

Exercise Name: _______________________________


The purpose of this handbook is to provide the exercise players with the information needed for them to participate in the exercise.

Type of exercise: _______________________________________




Concept of Play

The scenario will require the following titles/positions in the exercise:



Assumptions, Artificialities, and Simulations

The assumptions, artificialities, and simulations applicable during the exercise are provided in the following paragraphs.

[The following assumptions are fairly generic; you may modify and/or add specifics for your own exercise.]

Exercise Assumptions

Exercise players will respond in accordance with the existing Emergency Plan. In the absence of applicable plans, procedures or policies, players will be expected to apply individual and/or team initiative to satisfy response requirements.

Coordination of response activities will be required to ensure effective response.

Exercise Artificialities

It is recognized that certain artificialities and constraints will detract from exercise realism. However, exercise players are to accept these artificialities as a means of facilitating the accomplishment of the exercise objectives and performance criteria.

Exercise Simulation

Simulation during this table-top exercise is required to compensate for non-participating organizations, individuals, and units that would actually be deployed in a real-world response. Although simulations may detract from exercise realism, the simulated incidents, messages from and to simulated entities, provide the means to facilitate exercise play and provide for the testing of exercise objectives and performance criteria.

Scenario Narrative




Players should keep staff duty logs, staff officer action logs/reports, minutes from staff meetings, and telephone conversation records.

Administrative Systems

To assist in the conduct of the table-top exercise, the room set up will include name tags, copy of emergency plans, chart paper, office supplies, any required audiovisual equipment, and refreshments for participants. The facilitator will go over logistical details, including location of washrooms prior to the exercise.