Checklist-Lead Evaluator Tasks

  • Determine the qualifications and experience level of evaluators needed and identify avenues for obtaining them.
  • Design and develop training for the exercise evaluators.
  • Develop procedures for debriefing of players and exercise evaluation team.
  • During the exercise, manage and coordinate activities of the exercise evaluator team to ensure that exercise play achieves exercise objectives.
  • Monitor exercise progress and make decisions regarding any deviations or significant changes to the scenario caused by unexpected developments in the course of play.
  • Coordinate any required modifications to the Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) and supporting event implementers with the appropriate exercise evaluators.
  • Conduct debriefing of exercise evaluation team.
  • Provide observations for input to the exercise evaluation using the key player observation and comment form.
  • Complete routine reports to log exercise events and any special reports, as necessary.
  • Conduct control and simulation debriefings for subordinate controllers/simulators.
  • Chair the post-exercise critique session at assigned location.
  • Attend evaluation team debriefings.