Exercise Checklist

  • __ Agree upon the scenario, extent and aim of the exercise with senior management.
  • Assemble a multi-disciplinary exercise planning team and agree the objectives for each area to be exercised.
  • Sketch out and then develop the main events of the exercise and associated timetables.
  • Determine and confirm the availability of outside organizations to be involved, such as the media or voluntary agencies.
  • List the facilities required for the exercise and confirm their availability e.g. transportation, buildings and equipment
  • Ensure that all communications to be used during the exercise have been tested, and in the locations in which they will be used as near to the date of the exercise as possible.
  • Check that evaluators for each stage of the exercise are clearly identified and properly briefed.
  • Ensure that directing staff are clearly identified and properly briefed, and have good independent communications with 'exercise control' throughout the exercise.
  • If the exercise links a number of activities or functions which are dependent on each other, confirm that each has been individually tested beforehand.
  • Ensure that all participants have been briefed.
  • Ensure that all participants are aware of the procedures to be followed if a real emergency occurs during the exercise.
  • If observers are to be invited, including the media, ensure that they are clearly identified and properly looked after, and arrange for them to be kept informed of the progress of the exercise. Ensure their safety.
  • If necessary, such as for a longer exercise, arrange catering and toilet facilities.
  • Ensure that where appropriate outside agencies are indemnified in the event of exercise accident.
  • Warn the local media, emergency services switchboards/controls and any neighbours who might be worried or affected by the exercise. Position "Exercise in Progress" signs if appropriate.
  • Ensure that senior management, controllers and evaluators, and key participants are aware of the time and location for the “hot-wash”, and circulate a timetable for a full debrief.
  • Agree upon and prepare a detailed set of recommendations, each one accompanied by an action addressee and timescale.
  • Prepare a clear and concise summary report of the exercise to distribute to all organizations and groups which took part, together with major recommendations.
  • Discuss with senior management the outcome of the exercise and agree the future exercise program.
  • Thank all personnel and outside agencies which took part.