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First Nations


This section provides emergency management resources specific to First Nations.

Joint Emergency Management Steering Committee

The Joint Emergency Management Steering Committee (JEMS) is co-chaired by Emergency Management Ontario and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Its purpose is to maximize the combined efforts of its partners in a consensus-based forum to develop a First Nation Emergency Management Program in Ontario. Members include First Nations, relevant federal departments, provincial ministries and municipalities.

One of the committee’s first achievements was the creation of a terms of reference document that was unanimously supported. This included outlining the roles and responsibilities of each partner with respect to emergency management.

Another notable achievement of the JEMS committee is the creation of the Service Level Standards. These new standards define requirements for those displaced by an evacuation. Evacuations are now conducted utilizing known criteria and expectations are governed accordingly.

The inclusive nature of the JEMS process has enabled all relevant stakeholders to pool their resources and develop a culturally relevant emergency management program for First Nations in Ontario. With the support of its membership, JEMS will continue to define and refine First Nations emergency management on behalf of First Nations communities in Ontario.

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