IMS 215-G

Operational Planning Worksheet

Purpose: The Operational Planning Worksheet is used to communicate the decisions made by the Operations Section Chief during the Tactics Meeting concerning resource assignments and needs for the next operational period. The IMS 215-G is used by the Planning Section (Resources Unit) to complete the Assignments List (IMS 204) and by the Logistics Section Chief for ordering resources for the incident.

Preparation: The IMS 215-G is initiated by the Operations Section Chief. Its completion often involves logistics personnel, the Resources Unit, and the Safety Officer. After the Tactics Meeting, the form is shared with the rest of the Command and General Staff ASAP (at latest, during the Planning Meeting). It may be useful in some disciplines or jurisdictions to pre-fill IMS 215-G copies prior to incidents (e.g., for regularly occurring incidents or for specific contingency plans).

Distribution: When the Branch, Division, or Group work assignments and accompanying resource allocations are agreed upon, the form is distributed to the Planning Section (Resources Unit) to assist in the preparation of the Assignment Lists (IMS 204). The Logistics Section will use a copy of this worksheet for preparing requests for resources required for the next operational period.

Note: This worksheet may be made into a wall-mount. If additional pages are needed, use a blank IMS 215-G and repaginate as needed.

Instructions: IMS 215-G

Operational Planning Worksheet continued