IMS 211

Incident Check-In List

Purpose: Personnel and equipment arriving at the incident can check in at various incident locations. In many cases, a specific check-in location or point may be established for an entire incident. Check-in consists of reporting specific information which is recorded on the Check-In List. The Check-In List serves several purposes:

  • Used for recording arrival times at the incident of all overhead personnel and equipment.
  • Used for recording the initial location of personnel and equipment and thus a subsequent assignment can be made.
  • Used to support demobilization by recording the home base, method of travel, etc. on all check-ins

Preparation: The Check-In List is initiated at a number of incident locations at the site or EOC, including: Base, Staging Areas, ICP (Resource Unit), Helibases, or other locations:

  • Managers at these locations record this information and forward it to the Resource Unit as soon as possible.
  • Check in at the ICP will be completed by the recorder at the Resource Unit.
  • Check-in may also take place by radio. Incident Dispatches, upon receipt of a check-in message by radio, record the information on the Check-In List and then give the information to the Resource Unit.

Distribution: Check-In Lists, which are completed by personnel at various check-in locations, are provided to the Resources Unit, Demobilization Unit and the Finance and Administration Section. The Resources Unit maintains a master list of all equipment and personnel that have reported to the incident.

Notes: Use reverse side of form for remarks or comments. If additional pages are needed for any form page, use a black IMS 211 and repaginate, as needed. Contact information for sender and receiver can be added for communications purposes to confirm resource orders.

Instructions: IMS 211

Instructions: IMS 211