IMS 208

Safety Message/Plan

Purpose: The Safety Message/Plan (IMS 208) is a generic template that can be used by the Safety Officer and/or other IMS personnel as a Safety Message or Safety Plan. If the user would like to use this form for more than one of the above purposes (e.g. as a Safety Message and Safety Plan) they have the option of a) using an additional form for each unique purpose, or b) including all content on a single form. In both cases, the appropriate boxes should be checked, indicating the purpose(s) of the IMS 208.

Preparation: The IMS 208 is an optional form that may be included and completed by the Safety Officer as an attachment for the Incident Action Plan (IAP), or stand-alone form.

Distribution: The IMS 208 or content from the IMS 208 may be reproduced with the IAP and given to all recipients as part of the IAP. All completed original forms must be given to the Documentation Unit.

Note: The IMS 208 may serve (optionally) as part of the IAP. Use additional copies for continuation sheets as needed, and indicate pagination as used.

Instructions: IMS 208