IMS 207

Incident Organization Chart

Purpose: The Incident Organization Chart (IMS 207) is used to indicate which IMS organizational elements are currently activated and the names of the personnel staffing each element. Personnel responsible for supervisory organizational positions should be listed in each box, as required. The composition of an actual organization will be event-specific. The composition and size of the organization is dependent on the specifics and magnitude of the incident and is scalable and flexible.

Preparation: The IMS 207 is prepared by the Resource Unit Leader and reviewed by the Incident or EOC Commander. A chart is completed for each operational period and updated when organizational changes occur. Complete only the blocks where positions have been activated, and add additional blocks as needed, especially for Organization Representatives and all Operations Section organizational elements. Additional pages can be added based on individual need. For detailed information about positions, consult the IMS Doctrine for Ontario. The IMS 207 may be used as a wall-size chart and printed on a plotter for better visibility.

Distribution: When completed, the chart is posted on the display board located at the Incident Command Post/EOC or circulated by email as required. All completed original forms must be given to the Documentation Unit.

Note: The IMS 207 may be wall mounted (printed on a plotter). Document size can be modified based on individual needs. IMS allows for organizational flexibility, so the Intelligence/Investigative function and/or technical specialists can be embedded in several different places within the organizational structure. Use additional pages if more than three branches are activated. Additional pages can be added based on individual need (such as to distinguish more Division/Groups and Branches as they are activated).

Instructions: IMS 207