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June 6, 2010 - EMAIL ALERT #1: Update - IMS Implementation, Training, EOC Guideline

This first update provides information on recent IMS project developments. Future updates will advise you when news or products are posted to the project website –

IMS Implementation:

With the publication of the IMS Doctrine to, the project has now shifted to a new phase – implementation. To support this process, the IMS Steering Committee has been working on an IMS implementation plan that includes the identification of key implementation success indicators.

An important part of the implementation process is the formation of Sector Working Groups (SWGs). To date, six such groups are either formed or developing: EMS, Fire, Health, Police, Public Works and Social Services (NGOs and the private sector are participating within these groups as applicable). Each SWG will identify sector-specific IMS implementation objectives and develop a range of strategies and tactics to help achieve these objectives. To date, the progress is very encouraging and results are already being seen.

IMS Training:

A key part of the IMS implementation strategy is the availability of Ontario-focused IMS training products, developed with strong involvement and support from the IMS Training Working Group:

IMS-100: Introduction to IMS (recommended for all emergency responders in Ontario)

  • Over 3,000 responders have successfully completed the new IMS-100 course.
  • The online self-study version can be accessed at
  • The classroom version is now available to be taught by designated IMS instructors who have completed the IMS-910 (Instructor) course and received endorsement from their response organization.
  • A web-based multimedia version of IMS-100 is currently under development and will be posted on the IMS website shortly.

IMS-200: Basic IMS (for those implementing IMS at simple incidents and in the early phases of a complex incident)

  • This is a classroom-based course delivered at the organizational/jurisdictional level.
  • This course is facilitated by designated IMS instructors who have completed the IMS-910 course and received endorsement from their response organization.
  • Version two of IMS-200 is now available. It includes additional audio-visual elements that have been incorporated to enrich the learning experience.

IMS-910: Basic IMS Instructor (prepares instructors to administer IMS-100 classroom version and IMS-200 in their jurisdiction or organization)

  • Participants in the IMS-910 course must be designated by their organization to become instructors of the IMS-100 (classroom version) and IMS-200 courses within their organization or jurisdiction.
  • If your organization would like to build internal capacity for IMS training, please contact the IMS secretariat at

IMS-300: Intermediate IMS (for those who would perform Command and General Staff functions at a complex emergency)

  • A course writing board was held at the Ontario Police College on the week of May 17. Responders from a wide variety of sectors and backgrounds participated and made significant progress in developing an Ontario-specific IMS-300 course.
  • The course is function-based and scenario driven.
  • Work will continue this summer with the goal of piloting and roll-out this Fall.

IMS-400: Advanced IMS (for those commanding complex incidents and/or implementing advanced IMS structures in a complex emergency)

  • Upon completion of IMS-300, a writing board will be formed to develop an Ontario-specific IMS-400. Future updates on these courses will be posted on the IMS website.

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Guidelines:

  • Work continues on Guidelines for the Application of IMS at EOC. This is being done with advice and assistance from the IMS EOC Working Group.
  • To repeat an earlier invitation, CEMCs and MEMCs who have implemented IMS in their EOCs and are interested in sharing their implementation plans or contributing their thoughts to a draft document are encouraged to contact us.