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Heavy rain and flooding are possible in many areas of the province.

Environment Canada calls for rain and snow which could cause flooding in many areas in the province.

Updated on April 15 at 3 pm

MNR indicates that rivers across south-central, southeast, and lower portions of the northeast Ontario are running high due to recent rainfall and snow melt. A number of rivers are currently reaching or above flood level.

Rivers in the area from Owen Sound, east to Barrie and Orillia, and then in a wide region east to Ottawa, North to Sudbury and South to Lake Ontario are very high and minor flooding has occurred.

Ontarians are reminded to stay away from fast flowing rivers and creeks. Flooding may also lead to dangerous driving conditions and road closures.

Flood warnings have been issued by various water conservation authorities. Warnings can be found on the Ministry of Natural Resources flood information page.

Ontarians are encouraged to stay informed about weather conditions by visiting Environment Canada’s Public Weather Alerts page.


The City of Belleville has declared an emergency to respond to localized flooding and help prepare defenses in case river levels rise. More information is available at: http://www.belleville.ca/.

The municipalities of Centre Hastings and of Tweed (located 30 kms north of Belleville) have also declared an emergency because of flooding. More information at: http://www.twp.tweed.on.ca/.


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