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Are You Prepared?

Emergencies can strike anywhere, at any time. That’s why everyone in Ontario is encouraged to be prepared—by having a plan, assembling a survival kit, and by staying informed.

Spotlight On Seniors

If you are a senior or are helping an older Ontarian prepare for an emergency, consider the extras that may be needed. These new resources will get you started.


Be Prepared...In Three Easy Steps

Learn what situations you need to plan for, such as where to go in an evacuation or how to reach family members.

Everyone should have a survival kit, with the supplies needed to be safe and take care of yourself and your family for at least three days.

Knowing about emergencies as soon as possible, as well as learning more about the types of emergencies you might face is critical.


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My Family’s Be Prepared Tale

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Make a Kit

Build a Kit

What you need at home to prepare your family for an evacuation or the first days of an emergency.
Build a Plan

Build a Plan

Everyone is unique, so is your plan. Customize your plan to meet the specific needs of your household.
Ontario Hazards

Ontario Hazards

Find out what Ontario hazards affect your community and how you can protect yourself when disaster strikes.
Diverse Groups

Diverse Groups

Ontario is comprised of many diverse groups. Learn more about preparedness for people with disabilities and special needs, children, seniors and pets.
This month’s tip - Nuclear Preparedness

Nuclear Preparedness

Preparedness information for those living or working within 10 km of a nuclear facility.
Test your Knowledge

Test your Knowledge

You can't predict an emergency but you can prepare for one. Take the Challenge and learn what to do before disaster strikes